Sunday, 11 March 2012

Today I saw Maureen Lipman - It was a party.

Evening All,

I first have to say this ... and I don't mean to brag... but, I finally got round to taking March's issue of In Style out of the packet (don't judge, i've been busy) and guess what? Every trend I have told you to buy or become a part of is in there. That means I am officially a trustworthy source, right? Not only the trends, but also certain key piece I have told you about and style icons to watch out for - Felicity Jones, Rooney Mara, Clemence Poesy - I'm looking at you. So I'm not saying that I am Editor of Vogue material yet...but I am thinking about getting a power bob...

I had a fabulous day today with my Dad - those of you that don't know me, I am a Daddy's girl and I hang out with him all the time - it's a party. He wont appreciate me saying this but the guy is more into fashion and Cher than any gay man and yet he is the straightest thing I've ever seen - Blondie, he is looking at you (he once told me the only reason they weren't married is because she hadn't met him yet - knowing my Dad could literally persuade Liz Hurley to buy safety pins - if you don't get that I give up - then I am in no doubt this is the truth). Well today he came to visit his daughter in the big city and we did touristy things like watch a guy that looked like the lead singer from LMFAO do this weird but amazing roller skate course and then tried to run through a plastered up archway in the V&A to see if it worked like Platform 9 and 3/4 in Harry Potter - it didn't; people stared.

All in all it was one of those days where you really appreciate living in England with its varied culture, beautiful scenery... and Krispy Kremes. We ate more than the body can handle including my food soulmate - the macaron. Harrods and Covent Garden (as I discovered yesterday) have a store called Laduree which sell the most amazing macarons in a variety of flavours. If you have never had one, PLEASE do us all a favour and buy one (unless you are allergic to nuts, in which case don' one likes a puffy face). I would eat all my meals in this form if I could after discovering them a few years ago. PS - Laduree's website is the cutest thing you have ever seen. PPS they have just teamed up with designer Tsumori Chisato to celebrate their 150th anniversary! They have brought out a Cherry Blossom flavour (we tried it today - DELISH) which they present in a cute box designed by TC. Pick some up and hate me for making you obsessed with them. I can deal with it. They are by far the best gift to give someone and come already packaged in the sweetest (pun intended!) boxes. Give to Mummy's on Mother's day or girlfriends on birthdays and watch them ask "are you trying to make me diabetic, or just fat" like in that oh so romantic movie The Vow. You're welcome - you will understand when you have tried them.

Now onto the oh so tasty, but in a different way....


Fashion Trend: Uniform - don't be creepy I am talking military. All over the runways which now means it needs to be all over your wardrobe. We are talking anything army green, anything with gun metal, double breasted blazers, trench coats, leather knee high boots, thick black waist belts and army style fixtures. Pretty much everything the boy you fancy who is the in the army wears. Everyone from Jason Wu to Burberry Prorsum showed this type of clothing on the catwalk for A/W, so you know it is going to be a big deal. Get ahead of the game by wearing anything you have in this colour with gold or gunmetal accessories, a big black waistbelt and black leather flat boots - that's an order.

Alexander McQueen A/W12

TinyAverageFashion Piece: Undies!! Now in the future, don't get me wrong, I want to shop at Rigby and Peller, Agent Provocateur and La Perla, but you have to look at what I found. Now I am not condoning these nor want you to think less of me, but the bit in me that loves reciting all the words to Wayne's World and still wrestling with my brother even though I am nearly 23 and he is 26, is in love with these. It is a collection from House of Holland that literally says what's inside the tin....if you see what I mean. These are only for those of you and your partners (I nearly wrote parents then - these are NOT APPROPRIATE for parents!!) who have the sense of humour necessary to understand the frivolity of these. Do not send to your feminist friends or to your brother who lives on a commune in India praying and doing yoga. Enjoy them for what they are... a little bit of innocent (ahem) fun. I have put the least racy ones on here. Girl's undies £18, boys £21 all from

Store or Label: Uniqlo - I am quite new to this store because I only really get the chance to go when I am in London. I do remember years ago my Nan (of all people) telling me they were important. Turns out she isn't wrong (well I am sure she is wrong about George Clooney being gay, but...). It is like a cross between H&M and Gap/J.Crew. They have good quality, fast fashion at a reasonable price. Look here for your coloured denim this season and for any staples you need. They also do collections and collaborations with a lot of people, so they are definitely worth keeping an eye on. A great place to shop for your basics.

Dip Banner Barette £29.90 - Try this: correct colour for getting into army trend!

Celebrity or Designer: Ungaro - the collections just get better and better. The summer collection was stunning. So feminine and elegant. This house knows how to dress a woman, to make her feel beautiful and special. The prints, the shapes, the materials show that the woman is the foremost importance in the design technique. Prints not dissimilar to Mary Kantrantzou, shapes like the romantic dresses seen on Christian Dior's A/W12 range. Not too shabby....

Summer 2012

Spring 2012
And now I must sleep for the week begins again tomorrow. Hold your heads high and be all you can be! Night!
Becky xx